Studio Anna Marešová designers was founded in 2012. I came up with name Anna Marešová designers one day when I was in a great rush. My phone was ringing, I answered it and our lawyer said, “Anna, don’t you have the company name yet? We need to hand in the application today!” I didn’t have anything prepared, so I thought that the best thing to do would be just to make it as simple as possible. And so I left only my name there, hiding the colleagues I closely collaborate within the word ‘designers.’ The core of our studio is formed by the designers Anna Marešová, Sergej Kuckir, Lukáš Blažek and Jiří Toman.

We work with applied industrial design, from initial designs, to realization and presentation of products. We work for many different kinds of companies, but we also work with individuals as well, with people who want to turn their business plans into reality. The brand has been our main client since 2013.

The development process begins with detailed background research, initial sketches and simple models, and gradually we create the final design that includes CAD models, prototyping, and overall product technical solutions. Consultation with the client is very important for us during this process. We always try to find the best solution, not only for the client, but for the end user as well. In our studio quality always wins over quantity, which is also reflected in the selection of appropriate technologies, materials, and the overall process. We prefer to use local manufacturing and ecological solutions.

 “When you are under pressure from clients only interested in how much things cost, the results can turn out to be unconvincing. I always wish that the finished product will look like the original design. One of my early experiences in manufacturing disappointed me so much that I decided to start my own brand. Thanks to that experience I know exactly what it is like to start from zero and to go through the entire process.”


Anna Marešová






2017/Designblok '17/Special award for extraordinary act/CZE
2017/A' Design Award/Silver—Toys for adults/IT
2017/Louskáček ACD award/Third place at advertisement and marketing/CZE
2016/Red Dot/ Vibrator/DE
2015/Erotic fair/The first place/The best erotic toy 2015/CZE
2012/Dolce Vita Magazine/Prototype of the year 2011/CZE
2011/Czech Grand design Award/Second place at the Discovery of the year/CZE
2011/CZE 2011/Rector price for diploma work/UJEP/CZE
2011/National student design Award /National student design Award—first price/CZE
2011/National student design Award /Exit design award/CZE
2011/Designblok 11/Prague/The school presentation(collective work)/CZE
2011/Dean price for diploma work/UJEP/CZE


2010/BIO 22/Biennial of industrial design/Student work award/first price/SLO
2010/National student design Award /nominated/CZE
2009/Czech Grand design Award/Fourth price at the Discovery of the year/CZE
2009/Dean price for bachelor work/UJEP/CZE
2009/National student design Award /Excellent Student Design Award/CZE
2009/National Technical Muzeum of Czech Republic Award/CZE
2009/Spotlight Award 2009/Degree show, University of Derby/UK
2007/Winner of the competition Absolute elements/CZE