intimate products for women

Whoop·de·doo is a brand of intimate products for women. It was originally created as Anna's diploma thesis. Due to the great interest of the media and the public, Anna decided to realize this project. The first product that she brought to the world are Venus balls. After that came the Vibrator and Menstrual cups. She created also special editions. For example, black balls Noir Heavy or Musa edition in collaboration with artist Lukáš Musil. The production of all products takes place in the Czech Republic. Whoop·de·doo it is a truly sustainable and purely Czech brand. Anna keeps the entire production process under strict control and thus guarantees quality. The philosophy of the brand is purity of form and functionality. Anna applies this to all areas, e.g. visual style (a comprehensive design manual for the entire brand was created in 2021) or communication with customers and users (in 2019 she opened a pop-up in the Westfield shopping center in Prague). It gradually adds other products that fit into the portfolio. Whoop·de·doo has won many awards including the 2016 Red Dot Award for product design.

year: 2013 – present
web: www.whoopdedoo.love

designer: Anna Marešová
product designer: Sergej Kuckir
graphic designer: Jiří Toman
photo: Adam Dvořák, Kristina Hrabětová, Martin Bražina
design manual: Anna Marešová, Marek Nedělka, Filip Dědič, Jiří Chlebus

2021 / BIG SEE/Product design Award winner/SLO
2021 / BIG SEE/Product design Award Grand Prix/SLO
2021 / CGD/nominated/Whoop·de·doo Cup/CZE
2021 / DEZEEN Awards/nominated/Whoop·de·doo Cup/UK
2018 / BIG SEE/Product design Award winner/SLO
2018 / DEZEEN Awards/nominated/Whoop·de·doo Vibrator/UK
2017 / A' Design Award/Silver/Whoop·de·doo/IT
2017 / ADC CZ award/Advertisement and marketing/Whoop·de·doo/CZE
2016 / RED DOT/Whoop.de.doo Vibrator/DE
2015 / Erotic fair/The first place/The Best Erotic Toy 2015/CZE
2012 / Dolce Vita Magazine/Prototype of the year 2011/CZE
2011 / Czech Grand design Award/nominated/CZE
2011 / CZE 2011/Rector price for diploma work/UJEP/CZE
2011 / National student design Award/First price/CZE
2011 / National student design Award/Exit design award/CZE
2011 / Dean price for diploma work/UJEP/CZE