tram for Prague

The aim of this concept is to create a new design of the Prague tram, which would be in all respects, i.e. aesthetical and functional, suitable for this city. Besides, I would like to turn attention to some imperfections which have appeared in the brand-new models of Prague trams and give suggestions for its possible improvements. During the work on this report it became evident that the design-related problems of the trams of Prague really do exist and that these problems are very topical not only for designers and engineers, but for the general public as well. 

year: 2009
model: scale 1:25

designer: Anna Marešová
product designer: Sergej Kuckir
photo: Marek Bartoš

2010 / BIO 22/Biennial of industrial design/First price/SLO
2010 / National student design Award/excellent/CZE
2009 / Czech Grand design Award/nominated/CZE
2009 / Dean price for bachelor work/UJEP/CZE
2009 / National student design Award /Excellent Design Award/CZE
2009 / National Technical Muzeum of Czech Republic Award/CZE
2009 / Spotlight Award 2009/Degree show, University of Derby/UK