T3 Coupé

sightseeing tram for Prague

The T3 Coupé is a complex project that we created on the basis of an assignment from the Prague Public Transit Company - to create a sightseeing semi-open tram for Prague that will be inspired by the legendary T3 tram. In addition to the design and supervision during its production, we were responsible for the ceremonial launch of the tram, complete merchandise, the entire visual identity incl. logotype, time-lapse document and presentation at Designblok 2017 and 2018. Unique uniforms for the drovers and stewards designed for the T3 Coupé were made by fashion designer Česlav Jaroš. 
You can see how was the T3 Coupé created in the time-laps documentary.

year: 2018
web: www.t3coupe.com
designer: Anna Marešová
product designer: Tomáš Chludil
construction: Jan Cmíral, VKV Praha
graphic designer: Jiří Toman
fashion designer: Česlav Jaroš

video: Klára Jakubová, Martin Bražina, Anna Marešová
animation: Anna Marešová, Tomáš Chludil, Brainz
sound: Martin Tvrdý
photo: Petr Hejna

investor: Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy

2020 / German Design Award/Gold/T3 Coupé/DE
2019 / RED DOT/T3 Coupé/DE
2017 / Designblok '17/Award for extraordinary act /CZE