fast charger for electric vehicles



Project NIKOLA is a collaborative work of czech designers, electro technicians, telecommunication and software engineering. This is the first fast charger made entirely in The Czech Republic filling a hole in the market where as of yet there only exist expensive foreign products without any meaningful user support.


Studio Anna Marešová designers has demonstrated a clean and functional design lacking all unsightly controls and displays while keeping all the electronic inner workings entirely hidden.

This new product bares the poetic name NIKOLA. This name comes from the greek „niké“, meaning victory, and simultaneously associates a link with serbian inventor and great promoter of alternate currents  Nikola Tesla.


The control and monitoring features have been moved to user's smartphone screens. Because simplicity and reliability are closely related, by removing the screens and control features from the outdoor unit we eliminate any potential failure sources.


To NIKOLA's quality hardware  is added a sophisticated software, where the communication base and whole backend work through the cloud. The web portal control panel is available anywhere to anyone and whenever. The control panel platform runs through Polyfazer (Charge Point Operator). Thanks to the cloud the scalability of the system is insured both horizontally and vertically with ongoing monitoring and a system availability of 99% (SLA).


Project NIKOLA offers both common DC power charging standards. The classic CHAdeMO

and the more modern CCS Combo. Cables are built into and are a part of the external unit.

It is possible to charge up to two electric cars at one stand with a total power of 200 Kv depending on the user's needs.


Anna Marešová has worked on this project with construction designer MgA. Josef Majrych and graphic designer MgA. Jiří Toman.

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