jewellery collection


Anna Maresova designed her first line of jewellery for a Czech jewellery brand MOOYYY. „It has been a secret dream of mine to design a jewellery line. When I was asked to design a whole collection for MOOYYY, I was happy to say yes," says Anna about the beginning of the collaboration. The development of the Champagne collection took about a year.

The jewellery line is inspired by champagne, as a symbol of amusement, lightness and shimmer. "I am not the type of designer who gets inspired by nature. I am interested in practical objects and mechanisms that simply work; as a champagne wire that is subtle but strong enough to hold a champagne stopper," Anna describes her inspiration.

Using typical elements of a champagne bottle, the jewellery represents shapes that surprise with their elegance. In two product lines, Muselet and Bouchon, Anna transforms a seemingly ordinary object into a modern jewel that can be freely combined and that underlines the beauty of its owner. The champagne collection is made of sterling silver in three colour designs – Blanc de Blancs, Vintage and Rosé.