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Whoop.de.doo is a line of erotic toys created especially for women and girls that began as a thesis project by designer Anna Maresova in 2011. Two years later, Anna decided to start her own brand called Whoop.de.doo and to manufacture these products in a small series (low budget), and gradually to add one product each year to the series. The first product created were the Venus Balls – they are used to strengthen the pelvic floor. Its mechanism of “balls within balls” is concealed under a layer of silicon, so the Venus balls are hygienic and watertight.

The basic characteristics of Whoop.de.doo are hygiene, functionality, simplicity, and purity of form. This relates to the selection of quality materials (medical silicone, + SWISS COTTON) and the method and quality of the workmanship. Manufacture takes place only in the EU – in the Czech Republic. The products are created in consultation with gynecologists.

Whoop.de.doo is not merely a product, but a style of communicating about and promoting intimate products for women. 

“I wanted to create an ideal design that would show that even a sex toy can come across as light, elegant and gentle at the same time. My goal was also to mark out the territory between eroticism and medicine, and to bring a high quality product into the world. It wasn’t easy, but thanks to the reception by the public and also the acceptance it has received directly from experts and doctors, I dare say we have succeeded.” Anna Marešová

 A Set of Erotic Aids for Women received a lot of media attention. It was awarded with the National Prize for Student Design in 2011, Exit Design 2011, and was ranked as Prototype of the Year by the magazine Dolce Vita. The Whoop.de.doo Vibrator was awarded the prestigious international Red Dot 2016 and A’DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION 2017 for its high-quality workmanship, design, and form. Anna was nominated twice in the category of Discovery of the Year for Czech Grand Design. She is currently working in sustainable design, in her own studio Anna Marešová Designers, and with the brand Whoop.de.doo.