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On 20th May start Whoop.de.doo Vibrator campaign on indiegogo.com HERE

Whoop.de.doo focuses on erotic aids created especially for women and girls. Their uniqueness lies in the combination of quality material and simple anatomic shape with an ingenious internal mechanism. The sophisticated mechanism is concealed beneath a compact layer of soft silicon. Thanks to this silicone layer, the erotic and massage aids made by Whoop.de.doo are waterproof and importantly 100% hygienic.

“I wanted to create an ideal design that would show that even a sex toy can come across as light, elegant and gentle at the same time. My goal was also to mark out the territory between eroticism and medicine, and to bring a high quality product into the world. It wasn’t easy, but thanks to the reception by the public and also the acceptance it has received directly from experts and doctors, I dare say we have succeeded.”

Anna Marešová